About Us

From on the mats to OFF THE MATS

Your scrambling is looking good, and we are here to make you look just as good off the mats by finally providing you with the way to rep the BJJ-lifestyle outside of the gym!

Being women on the mats, and passionate about the sport we were looking for a way to share what we love through clothing. Most, if not all BJJ brands, though, have committed to providing you with gear and looks for athletic peak performance only (mostly from men for men). We found it SO hard to find everyday Jiu-Jitsu apparel that we would want to put on, not just because we grapple but because the clothes are worth buying, and we would get excited about wearing them. After all, expressing yourself is supposed to be fun, and no one enjoys wearing a semi-good-looking shirt just because it displays your favorite hobby.

So we did it ourselves! Sparing no effort to curate the best looking, cutest, sassiest, and funniest BJJ apparel as unique as your Jiu-Jitsu journey, we choose and sort the materials we use to ensure maximum comfort, as well as durability. For your new favorite fit, you deserve nothing less than enjoying it to the fullest, including longevity. In further effort to avoid contributing to the masses of (unsold) clothing, each of our pieces is only produced once purchased. Delivery may therefore take 7-12 days. We promise it's worth the wait.


OFF THE MATS is about community and bringing women who practice the gentle art together, it's about recognizing one another in daily life and connecting through shared experiences.

When it comes to women's empowerment, training BJJ is truly amazing, as it enables us to carry ourselves differently in life. Our similarities help us bond, and we're stronger when we're unified!

Following this belief, we recognize the many ways gender inequality and violence continue to manifest themselves around the world, and we're committed to doing our part in helping fight injustice.

Therefore, we decided to partner up with Equality Now, an organization with projects around the globe aiming to achieve legal equality, end sexual exploitation & violence, as well as end harmful practices that have become culturally normalized, and lead to oppression of women & girls.

With every purchase, you support our mission of a just world for women and girls everywhere.

For that we are grateful!

In this spirit, and from one grappler to another, share what you love with the world! OSS.


when you rep the gentle art even more with this essential cap to spice up your everyday look.

One size fits all grapplers.

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