BJJ Mugs

Know this feeling of coming home after a long, exhausting training session with all your muscles aching, yet experiencing this warm and fulfilling feeling of accomplishment? How about intensifying this sensation with a nice cuppa out of a perfectly sized BJJ coffee mug – though our novelty mugs are perfect for any of your favorite hot drinks.
Ideal to start- or end the day with a thought about the passion that led you here - Jiu Jitsu. 
From funny to cute, we even offer inspirational coffee mugs, for when you're feeling down or need a little motivation booster.
Forgot your hot drink due to morning stress? Not a problem! Our BJJ mugs are made of 100% ceramic so you can place them in the microwave and easily heat your drink again.
What do we mean by novelty mugs? You can only find them here, as they are exclusive to our site and not sold in stores. This also makes them the perfect and unique present when looking for cool BJJ gifts.
Printed by using the latest printing techniques will have your BJJ mug shine in the brightest colors.
Holding 11oz (0,33 l ) they are perfectly sized, ensuring you get all the hot liquid you are craving.

To avoid contributing to the tons of unsold mass-produced BJJ mugs in the world each one is produced only once purchased. Therefore, please allow 7-12 days for shipping.
The perfect gift for your BJJ enthusiast
We all know it and can relate; searching for cool BJJ gifts can be quite hard. Finding one can be even harder though. Knowing this, we scratched our own itch, and are now able to offer you a variety of unique BJJ gifts for her, you, or any of your fellow BJJ enthusiasts! We think the best presents are the ones you know will be loved and used a lot by the recipient. Which martial arts lover therefore wouldn't prefer sipping their hot drink out of a cup reminding them of their passion? We can't think of anyone ;)
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Microwave-safe: Mug can be safely placed in microwave for food or liquid heating.
Vibrant colors: The latest printing techniques provide bright and crisp colors.
Dishwasher-safe: Suitable for dishwasher use.
Clean in dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.



when you rep the gentle art even more with this essential cap to spice up your everyday look.

One size fits all grapplers.

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