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Roll Models - Embroidered Jiu Jitsu Mom Hoodie

Roll Models - Embroidered Jiu Jitsu Mom Hoodie

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Mother’s always have and always will serve as role models. However, this is especially true for all grappling moms out there!

Being a BJJ mom can be a tough job that requires clothes that are cute and comfy, yet durable.

  • 65% cotton, and 35% polyester make for a very soft and plush feel, while the fabric is set to be very long-lasting.

  • Comes with a handy kangaroo pocket for when no hands are

Refer to our size chart and check for Jiu Jitsu Hoodies 2.0.

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To avoid contributing to the tons of unsold mass-produced BJJ mugs in the world each one is produced only once purchased. Therefore, please allow 7-14 days for shipping.

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