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Shrimp, don't simp! - BJJ Sweatshirt

Shrimp, don't simp! - BJJ Sweatshirt

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Funny puns and cute looks are what this BJJ crewneck was designed to convey. Besides its unique design this jiu jitsu sweatshirt is also incredibly comfy and for both reasons the answer to questions regarding jiu jitsu gifts.

  • Coming in a loose fit, while running true to size, it’s up to you to decide on either a classic or an oversized look.

  • We know you’ll rarely ever not want to wear this perfect BJJ sweatshirt, so the collar is ribbed knit, retaining shape even after washing and wearing and washing and wearing and washing…

  • 50% cotton and 50% polyester fibers make for the super smooth fabric, all while being resistant to stretching and shrinking.

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