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Submission Of The Patriarchy - Feminist Sweatshirt

Submission Of The Patriarchy - Feminist Sweatshirt

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Scroll to see all variants - Takedowns in martial arts are an easier task than taking down the patriarchy but you might as well flank this feminist sweatshirt while doing so. It perfectly adds to your Jiu Jitsu outfit or feminist apparel. All while being super comfortable, so you’ll never want to take this crewneck off, always spreading the message.

  • Its unique design doesn’t just look amazing, it also makes for a good laugh among your friends, and is great when searching for Jiu Jitsu gifts!

  • Running true to size you can decide between a casual and loose fit or an actual oversized look.

  • Consisting of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fibers, its fabric is super smooth while also being resistant to stretching and shrinking.


To avoid contributing to the tons of unsold mass-produced garments in the world each item is produced only once purchased. Therefore, please allow 7-12 days for shipping.

For sizes, please refer to category page Jiu Jitsu Sweatshirts. 

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