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Shrimps & Grips - Jiu Jitsu Hat

Shrimps & Grips - Jiu Jitsu Hat

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Looking to give your Jiu Jitsu outfit that extra edge? This BJJ hat is what’s from your BJJ apparel! Made for everyday use, it’s also a perfect fit for the great outdoors. Basically, you can wear this gem anytime, also making it a great option for Jiu Jitsu gifts.

  • The unique design is embroidered in the finest quality. Buckram lining ensures a classic shape that lasts, the design is 100% cotton twill.

  • Available in 4 colors, you’re sure to find one matching your Jiu Jitsu apparel.

  • Our Jiu Jitsu hats feature an adjustable Velcro® closure.


To avoid contributing to the tons of unsold mass-produced garments in the world each BJJ hat is produced only once purchased. Therefore, please allow 7-12 days for shipping.

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